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[TenTec] transmatch heating

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Subject: [TenTec] transmatch heating
From: k5uj@hotmail.com (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Tue Jul 1 09:54:14 2003
Al, you just described the Bliss Z Matchmaster!   Balun on the tx side, 1000 
pf jennings vac. variable and 30 mH twin synched rollers.

I believe the Murch design was based on a transmatch article in QST by Doug 
Demaw(?) W1FB? in the early 1970s.



<I've never had much success with getting my old EFJ Matchbox to play
well for me on 30m, even with moving the tap points on the input - there
was always too much heat and too high a VSWR.

The best solution I've found for 160-30m is a balanced matching network
with a pair of roller inductors and a 1000 pF variable cap, with an
additional 2000 pF to switch in for 160.  I tend to run more QRP than
100w (never more than that), so every fraction of a dB of loss reduction
certainly helps.  73 - Al, K2ZN>

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