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[TenTec] VHF linear questions

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Subject: [TenTec] VHF linear questions
From: "Bill Fulling" <w4njf@midflorida.com>
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Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 14:46:20 -0500
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Hi Folks!
Sorry to diverge off the usual nitpicking,but I have two serious questions:
1. Am building a 1208 6mtr xverter and if the parts problem (missing) is 
resolved with the seller,I have an old Palomar "amateur" linear(model 90) that 
I pcked up at the  Orlando hamfest 3 yrs ago;can this ole boatanchor be 
converted to 6n2 operation using the 6JS6C tubes(have spares) A la the old 
Heathkit "Seneca"?Can these TV sweep tubes work in GG service at 144 mhz?
2 Is the 32 bit GUI interface update for the peg buggy?Run a Jupe w/N4PY 
software w Win XP pro.Any one had serious problems with this?
Thanx de Bill W4NJF

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