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Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 23:23:35 -0500
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This is not a very good commentary on the Ten Tec service or the quality
control for this expensive amp.

I called Ten Tec today after I saw their used equipment list.  They had a
bunch of power supplies for sale - only one model 961 remained and I bought
it for $40 with free shipping.  I use the power supplies for the Corsair and
Omni VI and had been using an Astron for the Omni VI at the farm.  I figure
$40 is a pretty good price!  I wish I had seen the e-mail message earlier -
I would have bought another.


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In reference to Bill/K4BYR Titan 3 that was DOA, I had the same problem with

Hooked up my Orion to the Titan 3...Titan 3 in standby mode and power out
from the Orion to a dummy load...Titan 3 to operate position and had a very
high input SWR from the Titan 3, Ep at 3KV, all other functions OK but no
power out of the Titan 3. Tried driving Titan 3 with my trusty old Omni 6
with same results. Changed interface cables and coax cables three times.
Tested interface cables with ohm meter...tested coax cables into a dummy
load..all OK.

Sent my Orion and Titan 3 back to TT. They 'could find no problem...I must
have a bad coax interconnection cable!'

Rcvd both back from TT...exact same problem...repair service answer: 'I
don't know what to tell you!'

Four days on the phone with Jack troubleshooting. Finally found two long
screws from the RF compartment protruding into the lower deck, shorting out
the RF input board. Put electricians tape over the screws and Titan 3 worked

Two more immediate failures. Had a very pleasant conversation with Jack and
he immediately resolved my problems. The new Titan 3 has been working like a
charm..just sits there and puts out legal limit as long as I can stay up
working DX on 40m.

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