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[TenTec] Re: D-104 wired for TT, wiring & ops suggestion

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: D-104 wired for TT, wiring & ops suggestion
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Date: 14 Jan 2004 18:59:58 -0000
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I have had a D104 and the TUG amp base sitting around waiting to be wired up, 
what wiring has been successful for you to 4 pin TenTec ? This is for a 
Pegasus, but that is perhaps irrelevant. 

We have a second D104 without the amp, do I understand correctly that we should 
avoid a D104 without amp (or some matching circuit) due to impedance mismatch ? 

Sold a D104/TUG amp base that was already wired up with a prior Pegasus, we 
have been hooking them developing control program from a Cybiko PDA and really 
only needed one !  If I did note the wiring on that mic, I misplaced it. 

Kids get a kick out of the D104 mic & stand, some nostalgia perhaps using the 
old mics as compared to the very functional TT 1201 (kit version of 706 mic). 

Cheers & 73 de Mark W4CHL
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