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Re: [TenTec] OMNI VI+ Question

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] OMNI VI+ Question
From: Jim <jlboockh@earthlink.net>
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Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 17:50:55 -0800
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I sure would like to have a copy of what K1FK sent you. thanks!

                       Jim  N4AL

Don Rasmussen wrote:

On 1/22 I wrote:
I saw a bitmap image of an OMNI 6+ mod that was
supposed to eliminate the internal keyer from speeding
up or slowing down at the WPM boundary. It was a
capacitor pressed into a push-on connector. Does
anyone have this or know where I can get it?

The author of the mod (Dave, K1FK) kindly contacted me
and passed along the hi-detail photo and text. I'll be
happy to pass it along to anyone else that needs it.

I just bought an OMNI VI+ here, sold mine in 2002
figuring that the new wave was here to stay with the
likes of Orion and 756p. Now I'm back with another
OMNI VI+ for the simplicity and effectiveness on CW.

Having gone back through the years of archives, it is
really interesting seeing the transformation of the
list posts from the Corsair, to the OMNI 6, the 6+,
and now to Orion.

Yes, you could go back even further but it's really
interesting how the "Ten Tec experience" is documented
in the archives. Hardware issues and concerns are now
adays replaced by software topic and as always, the
factory is there for anything and everything of

I'd say that just about any Corsair or OMNI VI+ issue
a "new" owner might be interested has been discussed,
diagnosed, and analyzed from most every angle in the
archives, such a great tool.

Some of the big hitters on the list are active here,
but many are notably absent these days. To those that
still read the list - you know who you are - thanks
for the great knowledgebase.

I expect Orion is well on it's way to being fully
documented in the archives as well for guys who will
buy them many years from now.

de WB8YQJ/6

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