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Subject: [TenTec] RE: Jupiter firmware
From: "Dave White" <dwds@trinustech.com>
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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 20:05:03 -0600
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I've been following this thread with interest, as I have a Pegasus.  I
recall that the DSP engine in the Jupiter really is the same unit that was
used in the Pegasus.  That means the design goes back to 1998 or 1999.
That's pretty long in the tooth for a DSP engine (by today's standards).
I'm not surprised the Ten Tec have reached the end of the road (or close to
it) for this design.  I suspect that about the only thing they can
accomplish are minor tweaks to features and functions.  Anything else is
going to need significant re-engineering. Tweaks may not be worth the
development effort from a "value add" perspective.

Has anyone thought that the reason the release of firmware upgrades to the
Jupiter has slowed is because the radio is reaching maturity (in other
words, all of the significant features and performance has been wrung out of
the system and all of the bugs have been purged). Where I come from, this
sounds like a finely tuned car -- a good thing!

Most tweaks to features happen at the control software level through N4PY's
(or others ...) software.  Want more features, talk to Carl.  Want more
performance, buy an Orion.

I don't recall Ten Tec ever abandoning a rig on service and support when
they can help it.  Try to get spare parts for your Icom 701 or Yaesu FT 101
from the factory ...

Just MHO on the subject ...



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