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[TenTec] Firmware upgrade and Keyer timing

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Subject: [TenTec] Firmware upgrade and Keyer timing
From: Gary Tuck <gtuck@mac.com>
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Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 08:07:05 -0800
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Is anyone else been having problems with keyer timing after the upgrade? I see the new choice in the CW menu and have chosen Mode B which is what I think I learned with my old Heath keyer, and I assume what was built into the 1.371 and before. But now, my "K" becomes an "M" half the time and my "R" becomes an "A". I trudge along at about 22 wpm, but had no problems of this nature sending prior to 1.372. If I choose Mode A, I have the same problem so wondering if it's stuck in Mode A??

After install, I did a Ram-clear and answered all questions Yes and also a master reset. All other functions seem to be working OK. I had read somewhere on the List that one should uncheck the box about "stopping on error" which I did----so the program could not verify the installation. Is it possible that this could be the source of the problem?

tnx, Gary

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