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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Code Speed
From: Bwana Bob <wb2vuf@qsl.net>
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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:23:00 -0500
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Yes, we are still running nets on 80 m. Not as much traffic as there 
used to be, but a great bunch of guys and girls. It is very tight in the 
CW/digital "ghetto" now, but we try very hard to avoid QRMing anyone. 
Contests give us a lot of QRM because the contests go up to 3600. I now 
have 250 Hz filters in my Corsair and Paragon. The Ten Tec rigs are up 
to the task. Additional filtering comes from ancient Trimm Radio 
magnetic headphones!

Check this web site to find out the new net frequencies:


                        73, and CW forever!

                        Bob WB2VUF

w8au@sssnet.com wrote:
> At 10:02 PM 1/16/07, Kim Elmore wrote:
>> I used to engage in CW traffic nets as a kid and I loved it. CW
>> traffic nets were truly well-oiled machines. I was even a NCS a
>> couple of times for a regional net. Alas, CW nets have gone the way
>> of the dodo, it seems.
> Not true.  They're still plugging away on 80M, and since the FCC's
> removal of CW privileges for General and Advanced class in the 3.6
> to 3.8 MHz segment, most have had to move down into the cramped
> 3.525-3.600 segment, along with all the digital players.  Listen
> some evening... it's QRM alley now. :-(
> Perry  w8au 
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