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Re: [TenTec] Antenna Problem

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Antenna Problem
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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 00:06:07 -0800
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I have used both the coax coil and the toroid bead design (approx 30
toroids pushed up on coax) it works well.


On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 18:18:18 -0800, "Troy, W6HV" <w6hv@verizon.net>
> Bernie,
>  My old Mosley CL-33 has the same sort of balun at the feed point.
>  However, I have added a current balun ( the kit from Palomar Eng.) where
>  the feed-line enters the shack, just before the antenna coupler. My
>  current balun is the double kit since I switch between several antennas
>  including an inverted "L" for 160. All the antennas are overhead and
>  none over 40 feet up. So far no problems with RF. Of course, as some
>  have suggested, every cable of any type attached to the Orion II has
>  ferrite toroids.
> 73,
> Troy, W6HV
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>   Subject: [TenTec] Antenna Problem
>   Ten Tec Friends,
>   My new Orion-II adapts well to a high SWR with its built-in tuner (it 
>   really 
>   does work nicely), but tomorrow I will try to eliminate one possible 
>   cause:  
>   The feedline.  I can do that without lowering the beam.
>   Has anyone on the list used a current balun?  I am using a Cushcraft 
>   A3, and 
>   Cushcraft has you wrap several turns of coax in a coil to keep RF (I 
>   assume) 
>   from coming back down the feedline.  I was hoping to eliminate that 
>   bother 
>   by using a current balun. Has anyone done that with success?
>   73,
>   Bernie K5XS
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