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[TenTec] Orion Output Power Problem

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion Output Power Problem
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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 09:52:35 -0500
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Hi guys,

     I'll try to keep this as short as possible.  My Orion just started 
giving me a little problem in the last few days.  When I hit the TUNE button 
(ATU disabled) to get a CW, it won't output full power.  It is set for 100W, 
but it only puts out 20W.  If I change the PWR setting slightly while it is 
transmitting, the power will jump up to 100W.  If I turn the CW off and then 
back on, it will only come back up at 20W again.  If I start the CW with the 
PWR set low and then dial it up to 100W, it will put out 100W.  Effectively, 
all I really have to do is alter the PWR setting slightly and the problem 
goes away.

Here are a couple of notes:
- I was using 1.373b5 when this started.  I tried a Master Reset with no 
- I then loaded 2.062 to get a fresh software load and did another Master 
Reset.  Problem still there.
- I removed the power connector from the radio and checked to make sure 
everything looked okay.  I also checked my Powerpole connector going to the 
power outlet.  Both looked fine.
- The problem happens going into a dummy load or antenna (Steppir).
- I tried Master Reset with no luck.
- I tried the RAM Clear reset with no luck.  (First time I've ever done 
- Tried another Master reset followed immediately by a RAM Clear reset and 
power off/on cycle.  No change.
- Power supply is an Astron 35M that I've run for a few years with no 
- VSWR indication by the radio is normal.
- Radio output goes through an MFJ-1026 then AL-80B to a Tentec 238B.  The 
1026 and AL-80B are off, so they should effectively be bypassed.  I removed 
the 1026, AL-80B, and 238B from the chain and the problem is still there 
directly into the dummy load.
- The radio has a good ground connected.
- Today, the problem is only present in TUNE mode.  When I use my keyer (at 
least right this second), it puts out 100W.  In SSB mode, it also puts out 
100W (at least right this second).  I thought when this first happened over 
the weekend that the problem was also happening in SSB mode.  Maybe not.

Okay - Any thoughts?

73, Dave / K8JDC

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