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From: alan geller <alan_geller2001@yahoo.com>
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Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 09:11:02 -0800 (PST)
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If you want the ultimate setup, take a look at VE7TK's home page. He used that 
audio setup with his Omni VI+ before he upgraded to to his Orion.
I started on that path but decided that I didn't want to invest in that level 
of microphone and it introduced too many cables, but it is interesting for a 
real audiophile.I still have the Behringer UB802 Mixer and DSP1142P which are 
both relatively inexpensive. I'll sell them both for $75 if you want to take 
that path.

I now get stunning reports with the "Studio" mike, Heil built for TenTec 
connected thru a W2IHY EQ. Heil used one of his better elements with a broad 
response and it needs the EQ which gives you lot of control and more knobs to 
play with. I acquired both of these units used which helped me justify the 
upgrade and it was well worth it. I couldn't find the mike in Heils Website in 
order to understand the response characteristics, so I sent him an e-mail. He 
graciously responded...see below


The Studio ONE  was built for Ten Tec when they introduced the Orion 1.  I used 
one our PR 20 microphone elements in the body.  You should be just fine - 
especially with the W2IHY EQ system.  Listen to yourself through a second 
receiver and a pair of headphones.

Have fun !


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From: Scott Weiss <n2wf@bellsouth.net>
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Hello TenTec nation,
Would you please provide info and or opinions on which Heil microphone would 
work well with my Omni VI. I've decided the audio portion of my station needs 
an upgrade.
     73's Scott N2WF  
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