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Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 22:44:59 -0500
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After checking on the correct wiring issue Gene mentions,... I think you 
will be able to use several high quality pro grade units used in the 
recording and broadcast production business.    They have a single ear 
phone receiver and are usually wired to accommodate stereo jacks 
properly, but with one receiver.   But DO verify this before use.  Gene 
raises a good point, but one I think you can work around with care.

You COULD try the following sets:

1)   Stanton makes an inexpensive one-sided headset for about $60.
        DJ-PRO500-MC-MKII -- Should be OK - on  par or better than
        the popular Yamaha C-500

2)   The Sennheiser HMD280-XQ  comes in different impedance flavors
        and with different connectors, and even with an unterminated
        cable - but I have tried it and its mic element is weak, muffled
        and particularly low output.   I did not like it with my Omni VII.
        I tried the two - stereo earphone receiver model, but the
        mic is the same on both...

3)    The Beyerdynamic DT108-200/400 is a popular headset and
        hams I know like it a lot.   I have not tried this, but several
        hams I know have used it with various transceivers and all
        report good audio sound in and out.   It costs about $200
        but you will have to buy a cable for it (sold separately)
        for about $45-55 depending on vendor.

        The Beyerdynamic DT280-MKII-200/80 also has a good
        reputation and costs a bit more, maybe $250...

        Same with the Beyerdynamic DT287-PV-80 for about
        $260 plus cable cost.

        These Beyerdynamic headsets come in various impedance
        models - 80, 100, 200, 400 ohms, respectively, so you
        gotta think when you order them.    I do not see any
        differences in impedance headphones on my Omni VII
        but I believe I have seen references to differences in
        connection with the Orion II - recalling a thread on this
        some few months ago.   If any problem, I would just  get
        a headphone amp for a cost of between $25 - $55 for a
        good enough model and then you have MORE than enough
        volume in your cans.

4)   The Shure 512 is a particular favorite of mine.   EXCELLENT
        microphone audio out.   Works SUPERB with my Omni VII.
        It has an open air receiver that sounds good for communications
        work but is open air - some guys want a closed cup earphone
        receiver - but this is a good value for around $110 - $110.
        I LOVE mine and may end up mounting the mic boom on
        another headset someday.  If you see a photo of the
        Shure Model 512, then it appears to have two earphone
        receivers, but the one side is a "dummy" to help the
        headset hold in place ... sometimes it comes with this
        empty receiver, and other times it comes with a "T"
        pad to rest against the temple... either way supremely
        comfortable.   (Look at the HEIL BM-10 model which
        uses some of the same parts... but the Shure is way
        better microphone.)   Can you tell I like mine?   I use it
        with my computer for speech recognition use... and
        typically use an AudioTechnica BPHS-1 headset for
        close cup use, or the Sennheiser HMD-45-6 for open air cup
        use, on the transceiver.

5)   The Eartec Co SLIMLINE-SNGL-MC1000 costs about $70 and
        looks a LOT like some models of the HEIL line.   I would
        not be at all surprised if Eartec makes some of the HEIL
        sets as OEM.   I have not used one of these, but expect
        it would work very well.   The Eartec line seems to
        have a good following.

6.   The Sennheiser HMD26-600S is a fabulous piece of gear
        but is very costly at over #350.

7.      I HAVE AND USE the Sennheiser HMD-45-6 headset, but it
        comes in a single earphone receiver version.   Excellent
        listen audio and wonderful microphone.   Open air
        earphone receivers - but Oh... what a great sound.
        The mic gets excellent audio reports on my Omni VII.

8.    Telex Airman headsets are popular among many hams.
        These can be found in many single earphone models and
        have decent microphones.   Very comfortable.  You will
        be amazed at how closely they are made to the Shure 512,
        and they share many of the same parts, just as the HEIL
        BM-10 sets do.   But the Telex models usually cost over
        $175 and I can hardly think they are better than the
        Shure Model 512 which costs nearly 40 per cent less.

9.      The Telex PH1PT  is designed with a  single earphone and
        mic for communications use, and is a substantial piece
        of equipment for around $200.   There is a whole line of
        Telex single earphone models intended for use in the
        industrial and recording or broadcast industry and often
        used for intercom applications.

10.      Some headsets allow either one or both earphone receivers
        to rotate away from the ear.   DJ headphones typically do this
        so they can hear in and outside of the cans, at once.   Perhaps
        you would find you like stereo cans in one moment, and single
        audio in another, and could use one of these rotating cup
        designs.   Or not...   headphones are an immensely personal
        item - like boxers or briefs...

11.   Some guys like to fashion a computer type headset for use on
       the transceiver.   A couple of guys on eBay make simple, but
        well-made adapters for your rig.   Then, you can use a computer
        type headset, which often come in a one-earphone design, but
        are wired for stereo output jacks.   I LIKE THE SENNHEISER
        headphone line, and prefer the  models with padded around-the-
        ear cups, and padded over-the-head bands.   Otherwise I think
        BeyerDynamic makes a swell computer headset.   Either the
        Sennheiser or BeyerDynamic cans should cost you about $60
        for a single cup model that is worth having.

        I would stay away from any of the cheaper models made by
        Logitech, Plantronics, ComputerAsscoates, Creative,
        CyberAccoustics, and the like.  Too cheap and lousy microphones
        overall.   The "work" but you have an Orion II... let's keep it
        in good company, eh?

12.     Most computer headsets have an electret condenser mic that
        needs to draw 2.5 - 5 v from the rig.   No big deal, but something
        to contend with.    Pin x on the 8 pin mic connector should
        provide that voltage, or some guys use an external in-line
        battery box for it.

I have some sound samples from some of these.  I also have photos of 
many of the models mentioned here.

See most of them at these sites:


Look under broadcast headsets, intercom headsets, aviation headsets, 
recording headsets, and other classifications to be sure you have 
covered the waterfront.

==================   James - K8JHR  ===========================

Happy Trails.
=======================  Richards / K8JHR  =========================

On 2/24/2011 9:21 PM, Gene Henderson wrote:
> Read your manual on using  a single headphone The Orion's are set up for
> stereo headsets and if  wired wrong will short out of the audio amps   Gene

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