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Subject: Re: [TenTec] FS: Complete Corsair II Station
From: Jack Mandelman <modelman@ieee.org>
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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 11:51:18 -0400
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FYI. This morning I checked the output on 20m into a cantenna dummy load (SWR=1.5:1). The rig is putting out 95W. The low output on 20m that I stated in the ad apparently was due to the fact that it was looking into one of my antennas that was not properly matched to 50 ohms.

I've thought long and hard about selling my Corsair II station. In fact I had it for sale several years ago, but I chickened out after getting flack from some members of the list that selling it would be a mistake. Well, this time I need to make room in the ham shack for some new toys. I'm serious about selling the station described below.

TenTec Corsair II station consisting of:
• Corsair II transceiver (model 561, SN/58001759)
• Remote VFO (model 263G, SN/26300541)
• Power Supply/Speaker (model 260, SN/01202)
• 705 Desk mic

All items are in physically excellent condition (no dings or dents); front panels are beautiful; cabinets have a few minor scratches. Operates as it should (except for 20 meter output which is 50-60W depending on load impedance. About 95-105W out on all other bands). It has never been used or stored in a smoking environment.

Some important points:
• Both PTOs (Corsair II and remote vfo) are silky smooth and very stable after short warm-up. • The Corsair II is loaded with optional crystal filters - in addition to the 2 standard filters, included are:
TenTec 1.8kHz 8 pole (model 288)
TenTec 500Hz 6 pole (model 285)
InRad 250Hz 8 pole (model 751)
• The 263G remote vfo allows dual receive operation.

I have consistently received excellent audio and keying reports with this rig. I would be happy to schedule a QSO with anyone interested in hearing this rig first hand. The receiver is very sensitive and quiet, and handles strong adjacent signals as well as many of today’s best rigs (as attested by Sherwood Engineering reports). I can also have you listen to the receiver over the landline.

I’m selling these items as a complete station (will not split at this time). As one of my backup stations, it is rarely used and I would like to make room on the shelf for new toys.

Asking $600.00 + shipping cost to lower 48 for all of the above items. Will ship in 3 original TT boxes + new box for mic. Photos are available on request.

Please reply to k1vt@arrl.net

Jack K1VT

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