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Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 12:21:43 -0400
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Replying for the record.  Display works well, just dimmer than my previous unit 
(which was took a power surge).  Do you have details on the "illuminator"?  
Something I can search for.  Thanks,   N0UU

> From: Dukes HiFi <dukeshifi@comcast.net>
> What is wrong with your display? Is it not working at all, does it have bad 
> pixels or is it just dim?
> So far as I know, no replacement is available.
> However, if your illuminator is just weak and dim, I have a solution.
> That involves replacing the LED illuminator in the display assembly.
> I have done this a few times, both on Orion?s and on IC-756 series radios. it 
> takes bout 2  hours of your time and about $90 in parts. 
> If you do some searching, the parts can be had for about $20 or so.
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