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Subject: Re: [TenTec] TT 210 psu
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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 14:26:47 -0400
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Is there a missing bleeder resistor? I wouldn’t think 1.5A is required for good 
regulation but perhaps it just needs more current.

Shawn kb1ckt

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> On Jun 27, 2022, at 6:18 AM, ROLAND HOWELL via TenTec <tentec@contesting.com> 
> wrote:
> Hi all
> I recently sold a TT 210 power supply having tested it, as i always do, 
> before listing and subsequently selling.
> The new owner commented on how well it was packed but then started to doubt 
> my parentage, my honesty and a host of other things that are not printable.
> What happened was that before hooking up to his radio he tested the NO LOAD 
> voltage which was approx 23volts, i sent him a refund and paid for the return 
> of the unit.
> I tested it and sure enough 23 volts on the fluke 73, however when i attached 
> it to my dummy load at 1.5amps it immediately dropped to a whisker under 
> 12volts which is close to the rated output.
> Wanted to keep it it as original as possible internally, this of course may 
> not be possible, i renewed 99% of the components, still same result.
> Is this normal?
> Or should i rebuild it using more modern components, a 7812 or 7815 etc.
> As usual any and all thoughts/advice welcome
> Thanks, Snowy G0HZE
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