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TopBand: Topband administration changes

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Subject: TopBand: Topband administration changes
From: (Bill Tippett)
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 06:54:49 -0400 (EDT)
Peter, DJ8WL, wrote me a note as follows:
>Do we all have to unsubscribe now from and
>subscribe to the new one or is this being converted automatically by
>the "three Bills" (hi)? Don't want to miss anything....

I'm posting this to Topband since it may be of general information to all.

1.  You DO NOT need to unsubscribe from and then
subscribe to  This has been taken care of auto-
matically if you were on the previous distribution.

2.  You DO need to change your "Nickname" file (for Eudora users) or just
remember to post new messages to the reflector using ""

3.  For those of you who have my E-mail address as "", you
do not need to change it.  Bill KM9P just added an alias of
for convenience to those that may need to contact me for some reason.

        Thanks again to Bill AA6TT for setting the reflector has helped
me many ways over the past 15 months I've been a subscriber and I hope we will
continue to maintain the high standards he has set.  Thanks also to Bill KM9P
for allowing us to use his site as Topband's home.

        Good luck to all in the coming season, feel free to contact me if
you have any suggestions or problems, and bear with me as I learn how to use
the administration software (Majordomo).


                                        Bill  W0ZV

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