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TopBand: [K]enwood 870S

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Subject: TopBand: [K]enwood 870S
From: (Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW)
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 16:25:00 -0500

     Hello Ron,

     Happy new year! I know that QST reviewed the '870 in the
     February 1996 issue. The '850 was reviewed in the July
     1991 issue of QST. (And, the '570 was reviewed in Jan '97 QST.)
     * The '870 does not have a separate receive antenna jack (for a
     Beverage, for example). The port they call a receive antenna port
     (QST covered this in the Review, by the way) is not for an external
     receive antenna: The port actually lets you connect another receiver
     (to the same antenna that's connected to the '870), but not a receive
     The FT-100MP is one example of a radio that does have
     such a port, however. (QST reviewed the '1000MP in the April 1996
     issue.) Good luck with your  search and don't forget that the ARRL
     Lab offers "Expanded Product Review Reports" for each radio
     reviewed in QST--starting with the ICOM IC-775DSP-- which was
     reviewed in the January 1996 issue of QST. (The Expanded
     Product Review Reports are $7.50 for ARRL Members and are
     $12.50 for nonmembers.) Have fun making a decision!

     Sincere 73,
     Glenn Swanson, KB1GW

>From: N4XD
>I've noticed that the Kenwood 870S has a dedicated receive ant. input. Does
>anyone have any feedback on this radio? I note that it uses no crystal
>filters but rather DSP in the IF stage. Sounds like a good idea but,.... 
>it work??
>Thanks for your feedback (direct is best to keep from copying everyone) and
>gud DX on THE band!!
>73       Ron
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