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TopBand: Zone 17 from W6/W7

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Subject: TopBand: Zone 17 from W6/W7
From: (LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc)
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 97 09:42:01 PST
As N7EX already posted, UN5J and his friends were worked by several
stations this morning.  Both he, and UN7JID came up out of the noise
around 1440Z.  They were on 1830 confusing W6AJJ by the multiple 
callsigns (I could barely hear them with the AM carrier).  Then they
moved up to 1831.1 and called CQ.  Three people answered this CQ, and
I was lucky enough to get through before a LARGE pileup of W6s found

Not sure who all worked them in that mess.  At 1516Z, the W6s were 
starting to work on their tans and nobody was answering them.  I
made a QSO with the club call to let them know the band was still
open.  By 1540, they were gone.  Not sure if they QRT, or if 
conditions gave out.

VK3ZL was 569.  It is rare to hear VK this time of the year.  I wonder
if the VK6HD monitoring station heard any of us this morning.

I was trying to hear SM4HCM on 1833.1 long path around 1600, but
did not hear anything.  DL3KDV thinks he might have heard some 
W7 stations long path, but couldn't hear my signal.  I could not
hear anything from UA3AB on 1831 around 1610z.  EK6GV was also
on the UN5J frequency, but didn't call either time, so I assume
he was not hearing the USA.  

UA0ACG was also on the frequency - zone 18.  He didn't call me at 
1439, but did at 1516.

It can be very confusing when three stations call you like that.  Hopefully
this post will help eliminate some confusion in the future.

I also guess my two element beam isn't working too well if I can 
work UN of the side...  guess I will have to take it down.

73 Tree N6TR/7

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