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TopBand: Operating Practice

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Subject: TopBand: Operating Practice
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Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 20:15:44 -0500
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>Maybe its because I used to live on the west coast but I always appreciate
>when a DX station stands by to listen for W6 and W7 stations. Having lived
>there I know how difficult it can be to work, and hear the DX through the
>calls from the rest of the country. Also, the number of days where there is
>an opening is just a fraction of those for the east coast. 

Hi Ron,

Perhaps they missed hearing the W6-W7 request.

I think most people really do try to follow the DX stations instructions...
they just may not copy the DX station as well as we do at the moment and so
we ASSUME they are doing it intentionally.

For example, last night KH6CC was trying to work an IT9, and "W4AAA" and
"W2AAA" were calling Jack. Rather than assume they were big LIDS, I assumed
they couldn't hear Jack well enough to understand he was listening for the
IT9 and were excitedly trying to work their first KH6 ever on 160.

Now if we went back to working split only for 160 DX witha CLEAR DX window,
this problem would go completely away (hint). We could spend more time
working DX instead of trying to fix problems inherent in simplex operation.
Until we get a clear window for DX, we will always have problems like this.
73 Tom

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