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TopBand: TI9CF last night

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Subject: TopBand: TI9CF last night
From: (Long, Scott A.)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 13:07:44 -0500
After listening to Carlos on 3796 for 35 mins, and I called and called,
and still could whip the pile-up, I finally said to myself, I HATE THIS
CW FOREVER!  I didn't really need him on 75 but just wanted to find out
what time he might be on 160.  Couldn't believe how many was calling

I finally went upstairs and downloaded some new messages from JUNO,
later around 0635z went back to the shack, checked 75 again and found
that he was gone. Immediately flipped over to 1838, still no Carlos.  

Then a spot hit our cluster from KA8ZPE:
KA8ZPE     1831.6          TI9CF          qsx             0642     07

I turned down to 1831.6 set VFO B for 1833, called twice no answer,
listened to the pile grow, decided to go lower, set VFO B to 1832.6,
called once and WHAM!  TI9CF in the log at 0647z for #99. Who wants to
be #100 for me?

Now, I know this is probably not a good question for here, how does one
get a card into Costa Rica without the mail thieves invading?  I still
do not have my cards for 10 SSB and 40 CW from his 1994 trip.  I heard
him say abt 2 weeks ago to someone on 160 to send cards for TI4CF to

Please reply to me direct if you know the answer.

Thanks for the extra bw,
GL & 73, Scott K8SM

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