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TopBand: Beverage resistors

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Subject: TopBand: Beverage resistors
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Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 12:21:01 -0500 (EST)
An RF choke to ground is a high impedence to induced currents from a nearby
lightning strike (the most frequent source of resistor immolation and
ascension to nirvana), and to induced currents from the transmitting antennas
(the 2nd most likely source of  damage), which negates its usefullness
 A choke will provide a continuous bleed to ground for static charges if
there is no transformer path to ground, which would be helpful for those who
mentioned blowing snow, sand, etc., problems..
Interestingly, if wind induced static charge is frying these resistors, it
means that there is in excess of 2 watts of current in the antenna for a
significant period of time (tens of seconds), at least intermittently...
seems a shame that we are letting this free energy go to waste...


After writing the above I read the mail from Peter, WW2Y... If sheet currents
across the ground are the major source of currents that are blowing the
termination resistors, then it would seem that a relay at each end of the
beverage that will isolate it from ground contact when not in use would be
called for... Peter raises an interesting point...

After writing the above I got a note from Craig, NX1G, who has his bevs
grounded like mine and still blows resistors... Maybe I have just been
lucky?.... Dunno, at this point....The jury is still out on this...

After writing the above I read the mail from Tom, W8JIT, who feels that
grounding the free end of the beverage is useless.... I guess you place your
bet and take your chances... I will continue to use the grounding relays on
mine, given good results so far...


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