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TopBand: VK0IR this evening

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Subject: TopBand: VK0IR this evening
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Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 20:10:43 EST
They had a very solid 559 signal on 3507 at 2200Z in NE but never
listened for NA that I could tell. The EU jammers were out in full but
the SE Slinky Beverage put them below the VK0 signal. No QSO yet but the
regular 80M antenna still wrapped around the guy wires...too damn cold to
worry about. .  

On 160M the EU were non stop on their TX freq again; the same as last
night. Their signal was weak but Q5 for about 10 minutes 2230-45. I heard
one W1 having a QSO with himself. Also heard others who already had a
prior QSO calling as usual.  At least  I'm in the log for 160M...once is

GL to all............Carl   KM1H 

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