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TopBand: VK0IR

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Subject: TopBand: VK0IR
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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 10:40:34 EST
I hope that ON4UN gets this to the guys.

I have now worked them on 160, 80, 30 and 17M to fill in new bands only.
What amazes me the most is their ability to hear and get calls correct.
All of my QSO's were with the 160M vertical antenna tuner
except the barefoot TS940 on 30M QSO. Whatever the amp loaded to with
safe grid current is what went to the antenna...10:1+ VSWR's and all.  

The antenna patterns as modeled on AO make me wonder about radiation
angles! Most RF was at 60 deg on 17M. 

All bands used the Slinky Beverages for RX to cut down QRM and QRN.

I only hope the Patriots can play as well as those guys operate!

73..........Carl  KM1H  

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