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TopBand: Beverage over fence?

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Subject: TopBand: Beverage over fence?
From: (Garry & Yelena)
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 20:29:11 -0700
Jim Jorgensen wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with a 2-wire beverage running above and parallel
> to a chain-link fence?  I maybe forced to do this.  The 300-foot 2-wire
> beverage would be perhaps 6 feet above the fence and parallel to it except
> that there would be two places where a connected chain-link fence extends at
> right angles to the beverage.  I know this is not ideal, but I may have no
> choice.  Any experience/opinions out there?  Please reply to me, not the
> reflector.  Thanks.
> Jim, K9RJ
In a perfect world, there would be no chainlink fences to interfere with
Beverages. As this is not a perfect world, you do what you can. You
probably already know that theory often departs from reality, because
the modeling of reality is not only not the same as reality, but may
make simplifying assumptions that are unwarranted, and which may obscure
the very informatin sought.

Beverages are supposed to be erected in the open, in straight,
horizontal lines. I live in a redwood canyon--a very steep and deep
redwood canyon. And it is not in Massachusetts, Florida or Illinois for
that matter. The two two-wire Bevs are too short, run through the trees,
change height constantly due to the rough terrain and are generally at
ridiculous orientations relative to any semblance of horizontal. And, no
matter what I put up, the horizon is much too high. So why bother?
Because the only other choice is no Beverages. Are they ideal? Surely
not. Do they work? Since "work" is relative and not absolute, they work.
I have 247 worked on 80 and 141 on 160. Most--not all--of the time, I
hear better on them than on the TX antennas. And if I were on the top of
the ridge, and they were 580 feet, I would STILL be in California, and
not Massachusetts.

So, instead of worrying about your damned fence, just put up the Bev and
see what it does. The worst possible outcome is that you see no
improvement and you take it down. No big trouble, no big expense, no big
loss. And you may just be thrilled and delighted, instead. That's what
ham radio is all about.

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