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TopBand: getting a quiet receive antenna

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Subject: TopBand: getting a quiet receive antenna
From: (Dennis G. Peterson)
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 21:35:05 -0500
Hi all; I certainly hope that I'm steeping on toes with this question.

Living on a city lot is the pits, but when that's all you have to work

with you do the best you can.  I know that Brad out in California does

it on his city lot but I don't know his address or if he has e-mail

capabilities so that ZI can ask him.  If anyone has any ideas or any

suggestions for accomplishing this sort of feat on 160 meters please

reply direct to my personal email address.  I'm contemplating a new

amplifier which will be sort of graduation present to myself when I 

finish school, but I can't see the point of a good amplifier if I

can't hear what I'm after.  My lot size here in IOWA is as follows:

126 feet long on the Northwest side of the property which is where

the vertical is located.  The beverage type wire would be within

10 feet of the vertical TX antenna.  On the NW side of the property 

about 40-45 feet away is where I am currently using a 60 foot center

loaded Micro-SWA.  I need or desire to hear better than I currently am

Any and all Legitimate suggestions and comments are welcome at this

time as I plan to hopefully improve the setup during this summer and

when I finish school here in 6 days.  Again reply directly to my email

address. de K0CKDennis
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