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TopBand: Dayton, 3B7RF & Warner Wolf!

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Subject: TopBand: Dayton, 3B7RF & Warner Wolf!
From: (K1ZM)
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 08:10:20 EDT
Hello Gang

The following is an adaptation of Warner Wolf (hilarious Sportscaster on the
"Imus in the Morning Talk-Radio Show").

(In the words of Warner Wolf!!)

"If you gambled and went to Dayton thinking no-one in North America was gonna
work 3B7RF, ---you LOST!!!!!!   Let's go to the V-I-D-E-O-T-A-P-E!!!!!!!!

It's Thursday night in Dayton and W3BGN, AA1K, W2VO and K1ZM all have been
discussing the possibility of 3B7RF being able to hear anyone in the USA that

    BGN -- No way!     ZM -- Not in the cards!    VO - Haven't heard a peep

                               AA1K - Nope!  Not a chance!

At 9PM local/0100z the phone rings at K1ZM's house and wife Miriam answers:

Hello - Hi Miriam - this is Bill Tippett....W4ZV

Oh Hi Bill - you're not calling about 3B7RF are you....???

Well YES Miriam, I AM - I just WORKED HIM, he is REAL LOUD and I think he's
probably gonna work ALOT OF PEOPLE tonight!!!   Where's JEFF?

Oh Bill........Boy is he gonna be disappointed!  He's at DAYTON Bill, he left
this morning....he didn't want to be tired for his speech on Friday so he left

30 Second Silence -- Well, maybe you ought not to tell him about this until he
Otherwise, it is gonna spoil his Dayton."

So, as always, as we ALL know about GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT!

Congrats to all who DID make the trip - KM1H, W1JZ, W4ZV, W2JB, WD4JRA and
some others..

(When W8LRL found about this on Friday night at the 160M Topband dinner, he
left before dessert - drove all night back to West Virginia and DID manage to
work them on Saturday night I am told...

Just Kidding - but Wal did leave Dayton early and I think he did manage to get
in to the log on Saturday night along with K1AM and a few lucky others.

The Topband Dinner was great this year - new faces included W8JI, W8LRL (after
a 16 year absence - pse don't stay away so long this next time Wal, GW3YDX,
G3SED, DL3KDV (who delivered a great slide show on 5A2A, W6OSP (one of the
160M ops at H40AA) and many others!

There will be another 3B7 someday - it was fun seeing the guys - wouldn't miss
it for the world!

Congrats again to all who did get into the 3B7RF log!!

73 Jeff 


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