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TopBand: Dayton, TopBand-Dinner.

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Subject: TopBand: Dayton, TopBand-Dinner.
From: (Enric)
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 22:28:00 -1
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Subject: Dayton, TopBand-Dinner.

        Hi  all,  just  to  let  know  the people I met there that I'm just
arrived save home after a long long trip. Enjoyed meeting the GANG there!

>The Topband Dinner was great this year - new faces included W8JI, W8LRL (after
>a 16 year absence - pse don't stay away so long this next time Wal, GW3YDX,
>G3SED, DL3KDV (who delivered a great slide show on 5A2A, W6OSP (one of the 160M
>ops at H40AA) and many others!

As  Jeff  says, the Topband dinner was just perfect. I was one of the "many
others"  who  attended  and  was very exciting to meet the guys that I have met
B4 on the air. My first time there, hope I can comeback someday!

Nice to meet you all boys!

Greetings de:
            Josep EA6ACC
            Internet E-mail via Enric EB6AOK

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