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TopBand: "Best" Receiver for 160 Work

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Subject: TopBand: "Best" Receiver for 160 Work
From: (Richard McLachlan)
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 09:42:30 +0000
In article <>, Earl W Cunningham
<> writes
>On Thu, 31 Dec 1998 14:43:54 -0600 Nelson Moyer
><> writes:
>"After using an FT707 (no 160) since 1981, I'm finally able to get a new
>radio. The short list, based upon max. available funds for rig, PS and
>filters (approx. $3000 plus or minus 300) is down to the TS870S, IC756,
>FT1000MP and Omni-VI Plus.  I'd be interested in any comments or
>recommendations on the receivers in these rigs for 160 and 80 meter use.
>"From what I've read about synthesized receivers and noise floor,
>relative to weak signal work, the Omni-VI Plus looks good. Any Omni users
>on 160 out there?"

I have access to just about every item of ham gear commercially available.
By far the best RX I have ever tried on 160 is the JRC NRD 545. However,
this is an RX only, not a transceiver.
Richard McLachlan



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