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TopBand: Beacon?

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Subject: TopBand: Beacon?
From: (P&V Nesbit)
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 08:20:57 +1100
At 01:07 7/01/1999 EST, Glenn WB2LMV wrote:
>On 1.815 at 0524z I heard what appears to be some sort of a beacon.
>It was signing YL57 and had a good signal. If someone has any
>information about this I would appreciate hearing from you. At 0600z
>it was still very strong.

This sounds like a fishnet beacon, left to mark the position of a long line
net. They are illegal, but widely sold and used nevertheless.

They are low power (a few watts), and have been reported from about 1700 to
over 2000 kHz. Down here they are strongest in winter, and I have heard
them peaking at S7 or 8, although most of the time they are fading in and
out of the noise. They seem to stick on multiples of 1 kHz, which is
another reason to choose non-integer frequencies for 160m DXing.

Peter VK3APN

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