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TopBand: Noise Phasing Units

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Subject: TopBand: Noise Phasing Units
From: (Pete Ferrand)
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 16:21:24 -0500

Hi did a nice job with the 1026 design, I've been
using one for some time now and like it very much. I did
have IMD problems with the JPS unit but otherwise found it
works reasonably well, although the 1026 is better for the
reasons you indicate.

For IMD issues in other phasers I have built I just use
separate preselectors on each input such as the MFJ 1020A
which can handle the signal levels I have - obviously all
that's needed here is an LC circuit and an attenuator but
possibly this is easier than going inside the unit.

My other "mod" that's not a mod is to use a coax switch so
the main and primary antenna lines going into the 1026 can
be flipped; and each line can be opened to check levels. I'm
not, of course, running any transmit rf anywhere near the

Does the Q of the 1026 broaden at the broadcast band? I
haven't checked into this in detail but a number of times
when I've nulled a station on one frequency the station on
the adjacent frequency's also nulled.

Plainfield, NH

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