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TopBand: Egypt

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Subject: TopBand: Egypt
From: (UA2FZ)
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 20:23:30 +0200
Hi to All,

Our contest team ( C42A in CQ WW 160M 1998) recently received  positive
response from SU hams to operate from Egypt during the CQWW 160 M 1999
contest.  We have all things ready to go ( rig, PA, vertical, radials,
beverages and other stuff including antenna DX77 HY-GAIN  as gift for
SU0ERA club).

Ezzat SU1ER reported us we may operate only from the shack of some SU ham.
There is no any posibilities to get a call sign for foreigners thus they
probably will allow us to use the call of shack owner.

Ezzat proposed us to ask SU1SA who is living at Cairo ( huge city with
over 16 M of people). Can you imagine the noise level there?

Other proposal was to ask SU3AM who is from Port Said on the Mediterranian
Sea coast. But he is out of his QTH at this moment and we're waiting for his
coming back to call him by tel.

As for SU1SA he will allow us to operate from his shack and use his call in
the contest but...  like some others hams in Egypt he hasn't equipment and
asking to donate him an HF transceiver.  This news came to us just in two
weeks before the contest.  Unfortunately we have no any reasonable rig at
this moment. It made us litlle bit frustrated.  Is anybody have some unused
hf rig which can be donated to SU ham???  Any help or even advise will be
much appreciated.

73! and  hope to work you everyone on 160 from Egypt.

Igor  UA2FZ
Vlad  UA2FF
Andy  UA2FB


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