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TopBand: HZ1AB Activity

To: <>
Subject: TopBand: HZ1AB Activity
From: (Terry Posey)
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 10:22:41 -0500

I received the following message from Thomas (SM0CXU) regarding his
recent HZ1AB activity.  Please email me directly if you desire a copy of
the HZ1AB log.

Terry K4RX

Thomas wrote:

"The enclosed log is for my operation at HZ1AB 16-17 Jan.

Totally 204 Q.
14 US on 40m LP most East coast some West.
160m: 89Q, 28 Countries. K2TOP 0046 and VE1ZZ 0145
Bad QRN from thunderstorm, had to get QRT after VE1ZZ when the
storm was over me, took 2 hrs sleep but diffictult for all
thunder, lightening and the rain on the tin-roof. Terry, one of
the Desert Storm cots still left for use.

JAs started to come in at that time, could not hear them but were
worked by others a bit further east.

First QSO on 160 was VQ9SS .. and he gives me "FB sig. Thomas

The 160m dipole seems to radiate well and easy to push out all
that the Titan can give, getting good reports.
The Beverage was used for all QSOs, most of the stns could not be
heard on the dipole.

Thats all, will have a shower and a sleep. Now Sun 13 Jan 12:56

73  /Thomas"

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