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TopBand: EWE antenna characteristics

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Subject: TopBand: EWE antenna characteristics
From: (Dennis G. Peterson)
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 06:34:10 -0600
Hi all;  I have a single EWE that I put up a few weeks ago.
It measures 10 feet vertical on the NE end which is the
feedpoint end; then it is horizontal for nearly 50 feet; and
comes back down to a 5 foot ground rod on the SW end where
it is terminated to ta 1.2K ohm carbon resistor to ground.
There is also a ground wire between the ground wire that is
elevated by 8-10" of the ground underneath the EWE antenna
and the ground rod at the NE end.

My question is this; how much down is the signal on the EWE
in comparison to a vertical, dipole, small loop, SWA etc
etc?  Is it going to be obscured in the noise floor and
require much additional preamplifying in order to get a
signal?  Is a 26-28 db preamp sufficient enough to bring the
signal up or do I need to place a 20 db preamp out at the
antenna as well?

Is this antenna strictly made and cut for 160 meters or will
it play equally well on 80, 40 etc etc?  What is a good test
signal for the antenna to see if it is working as it is
supposed to?  I mean could the WWV time signal be a test
signal or the beacon signals on 14100 or other beacon signal
or just what?

Maybe I'm expecting too much out of this antenna or simply
expecting a miracle.  I would expect with the orientation of
the feedpoint in a direction of 52 degrees NE, I should be
hearing some of the EAST COAST signals fairly well but I'm
not hearing them at all. Sometimes I can detect some signal
from the SE like Texas, Oklahoma and or GA but they are
quite weak.

Any help or suggestive comments most appreciatively
welcome.  Please direct all comments directly to my email

Thanks for the help

de K0CKDennis

Dennis G. Peterson
K0CKD ----- ex:WB9YTT & N7CKD
1815 Mulberry Avenue
Muscatine, Iowa  52761

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