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Topband: Mystery 160 meter cw beacons.

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Subject: Topband: Mystery 160 meter cw beacons.
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Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 04:32:56 EDT
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I have been trying to find information on the CW beacons I keep hearing on 
160 meters, but no one seems to know what the heck I am talking about.  Have 
searched the Internet in vain trying to see where the call letters of these 
CW beacons are located.  I am also starting to keep a table of the different 
call signs I hear on my new web page (URL, and 
have included the call signs and frequencies of the mystery beacons below.  
My best guess is that they are some kind of radionavigation or radiolocation 
signals (Loran-?)

Here are some of the signals I hear, and wonder if anyone can point me in the 
right direction.

Identifier / Call Sign        Frequency (MHZ)
YL57                                  1.815
CB14                                  1.842
LT67                                  1.915
GW166                                 1.915
YK52                                  1.924

The above beacons send their identifier followed by a 2.5 second carrier, and 
it repeats this 3 times. ?Then it sends the entire sequence over again every 
4 minutes (approximately). ?I have heard all of these around 5am EST (and 
earlier) , and I am located near Indianapolis Indiana. 

I also hear a continuous beacon on 1.810 MHZ that sends something similar to 
VIAIT and it sounds similar to cw sent with a bug.

Don Kirk (wd8dsb) 
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