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Topband: No Topband for PY0S?

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Subject: Topband: No Topband for PY0S?
From: (Bill Tippett)
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 10:54:32 +0100
Received the following via The Daily DX.  Maybe one of our PY
members can help convince them to try 160.  Several previous
expeditions have been able to do so.    73,  Bill  W4ZV


Since the cancellation of the DXpedition to the St. Peter & St. Paul
Rocks, PYOS, Brazil, which would have been held in January/1999, the
NATAL DX GROUP has received many requests for a new Dxpedition, to
serve the radio-amateur community worldwide.

We are happy to announce that contacts with the Brazilian Navy,
through the Sea Resources Secretariat Comission were made, and two
radio operators will be allowed to remain in the rocks for the
duration of the ship's stay.

The Brazilian Navy visits the rocks for maintenance their equipment
once every six months. There has small wood house. The house is
used by geological, biological purposes on that area. The Brazilian
Navy stay on the area to control fishing.

During our recent meetings with the Brazilian Navy, NATAL DX GROUP
designed two operators for the dxpedition: Karl Leite PS7KM
and Pergentino Andrade PT7AA.

It is estimated that the dxpedition will begin between the end of
September and the beginning of October. Further information will be
given on middle of September.

We will be on the air for 10 consecutive days, 24 hours a day, on
6/12/15/17/20/40 and 80 meters band on CW and SSB. Special emphasis
will be given to the 40 and 80 meters band. We regret to inform you
that there's not sufficient space to erect a 160 meter antenna. By
the waX-Mozilla-Status: 0009ematic for a short dipole we will try
to built one.

We will use the following callsigns: for SSB, ZX0SK. QSL info: PS7KM.
For CW, ZW0SP. QSL info: PT7AA. Both via callbook. Please note that
where insufficient postage or no SAE was provided these QSL cards
will go via the bureau. As for normal bureau cards these will be
processed as time permits. FYI, brazilian bureau is working very bad
and slowly under delays.

Vy 73 de PS7KM,

Karl M Leite
Natal DX Group

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