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Topband: more west-coast in ctrl- EU

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Subject: Topband: more west-coast in ctrl- EU
From: (DF2PY)
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 07:48:23 +0200
hello topbanders !
the 9th of Oct yielded very fast qsb on all transatlantic signals.But
were some nice sigs from the pacific northwest.A few new "firts of the season" 
here in central EU.At 0330 N7UA came in with 449,tailending with him AL7R with 
579 ! A few east coast with much lower than usual sigs followed.By 0430 N7UA 
called again,now with 579 sig,tailending N6TR came thru with 579 as well ( any 
antenna secrets that we don`t know yet, Tree ? ) After that only very few 
happened ( N5AB kinda lite ) and the band fell dead 30 b4 sunrise.
I guess OZ1EEZ had a very good shot into the southwest-central part of the US,
my shot seemed to be further north ( had mucho problems with N6FF ),kind of 
wondering,bcus OZ1EEZ is about 700 miles north of me !BTW i use now "heavier 
dots " on my electronic keyer, ratio is now 1:2.5 ,hope this helps against 
deletion of dots.Any comments on that ?
Thanks a bunch for all this "staying up late" - a great weekend for everyone !
                    73 de df2py   -wolf-

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