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Topband: 5H3/K8LEE

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Subject: Topband: 5H3/K8LEE
From: (gary nichols)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 09:15:49 -0500
Were we victims of "one-way-propagation" last night 10/21/99 or does that
station have listening habits I dont understand?  At 0200Z I clearly heard
him CQ'ing about four times and answered him (with nobody else calling) on
both his freq and up two without as much as a QRZ? from him.  At 0220Z he
called again and K3UL and myself answered him that time.  Both times he was
solid Q5 and 449 here in northern Ind. on my phased beverages at 50
degrees.  From 0230Z until 0300Z he was on 20 meters SSB with a big signal
working simplex.  The operator did say he was operating with the RF gain
turned down to reduce the noise level and working those who were loud.  I
wonder if he is trying that on 160?  Dave (5H3US) has always heard very
well from every location he has been at in Africa.  Any suggestions or we
just victims of conditions?  de gary,  KD9SV

P.S. (de W4ZV)  Speaking from experience in chasing Dave last season, he
is NOT hearing well from his present QTH.  I must have heard him over a
dozen days before he heard me.  I think he has added a MFJ-1026 to reduce
his local noise but you will have to hope for excellent conditions for 
him to hear you unless he gets his noise problem solved.

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