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Topband: VK9LX and T30CW

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Subject: Topband: VK9LX and T30CW
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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 05:48:58 +0100
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From: (Wil DJ7AA)
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Hello Topbanders

I must say, the T30 group is doing a good job.  They had been on the
right time for EU on 80 and they had try 160m but without success.
Even it is a complete different between T3 and VK9 Lord Howe. Lord Howe
is more close to the EU antipodes, wich it make it allmost easyer to
work.  T30 is more to the north.  And, I believe, its not fair to
complain before the expedition ends.

73 Wil

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