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Topband: Where to get Vactrol for K9AY loop?

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Subject: Topband: Where to get Vactrol for K9AY loop?
From: (Hermod Pedersen)
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 23:11:42 +0200
I'm at a loss on how to find a Vactrol, to use in place of a terminating
resistor in a K9AY loop setup.
Living in Sweden, the market is somewhat smaller than in the US... But
postal order, or e-business, might be a solution, so any suggestion is

The earlier used VTL3A, in various construction, has been discontinued
according to recent info from the company:
"The VTL3A series incandescent optocouplers were discontinued about 5-7 years
ago.   We do not have a direct replacement part.  The only optocouplers we
are making today are LED units. You could try our competitor Clairex at .  They have a part CLM310 that might be a close
equivalent to our VTL3A27."

Ayone having any ideas on this CLM310 part?
Hermod Pedersen, Web Editor
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