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Topband: BQ9P

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Subject: Topband: BQ9P
From: (Dick Wolf)
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 18:33:53 -0700
Hi Gang,

Just talked with BQ9P Randy/W9ZR at 0114Z, 9 April and he asked me to pass
along the following information.  He found a defective barrel connector in
the antenna coax, which has been repaired.  One of Titanex antennas was
broken during installation, and has been repaired, but must be tuned manually,
before dark.

They were unable to install any of the beverage antennas, due to being on a
military installation with heavy vehicle traffic.  He will be listening on
the Titanex vertical.

He said he would begin 160m operations around 1030z, hoping to catch the
east coast sunrise, and working the grayline across the USA.  He will be
also be looking for Europe prior to Pratas sunrise 2200Z.  

He will try to be on Top Band during his darkness hours, but may have to
attend social functions hosted by the base commandant during part of his
evening time.  He will try to get excused from this, if possible, and if
he cannot get excused, possibly leave early.

He intends to transmit on 1826.5 and listen on 1828.0, or as an alternate
1821.0.  There are a tremendous number of fishing buoy transmitters causing
him QRM, so the QSX may vary slightly.

73 & Good luck to us all, hi.

Dick - N6FF

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