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Topband: Half slopers mounted short distances from ground.

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Subject: Topband: Half slopers mounted short distances from ground.
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Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 20:01:12 -0800
Don, WD8DSB wrote about his experiments with the "half sloper" antenna.

Modeling shows that the predominent radiating part of the half sloper is
the tower itself, rather than the sloping wire.  Polarization is
predominently vertical and the azimuth pattern is skewed in the direction
of the sloping wire, similar to a vertical with only one radial.

Because of how it looks in a computer model, I suppose the half sloper
could be considered another method of shunt feeding a tower.

A few years ago, I used a half sloper on 80 in an effort to earn my
5BDXCC.  It worked quite well, but made my normal 160-meter shunt feed on
that tower unusable due to the detuning effect of the half sloper.   When
I changed to a normal 80-meter shunt feed on that tower (to enable
dual-band use with two individual shunt feeds), a significant improvement
was noticed in how I got out on 80, with no noticeable degradation in my
160-meter signal.

73, de Earl, K6SE

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