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Topband: Re: [MFSK] Suggested Frequencies for MFSK operation

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Subject: Topband: Re: [MFSK] Suggested Frequencies for MFSK operation
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 08:43:27 -0500
Hi Murray,

I'm copying this to two 160 reflectors because this impacts 160 
meter operators and they deserve to know what is going on.
Anyone on those reflectors this discussion is on the MFSK 
reflector. Do NOT reply on the topband reflectors, or to me!

Just a fair warning on 160. I don't know who your "experts" were, 
but if the notes suggest anything above 1820 and below 1850 in 
almost any area of the world you will be right back into having a 
problem with people on 160. 

As I've mentioned before, 1825-1830 is HEAVILY used for CW DX, 
and has been for years. The IARU is totally out of touch with 160 
meters, and you will not move thousands of people whose 
operating habits are well established just because some people 
who never operate the band made a suggestion.

The actual usage of 160 meters is 1800-1810 CW ragchew 
operation. 1810 QRP calling frequency. 1811-1825 CW 
ragchewing. 1810-1825 Japan's full band allocation (except for a 
1908-1912 segment that has little use now) and is heavily used 
world-wide at times when it is dark in Japan. 1825-1835 or so is 
mostly CW DX world-wide. 1840-1845 LSB DX SSB world-wide.

Digital modes anywhere between 1825 and 1860 or so will cause 
BIG problems.

As for 40, you are headed for problems there also. MFSK can 
simply not decide to "take over" 7035 to 7040 when that area is 
heavily used for CW. MFSK would be better placed in or near the 
digital mode areas of the band.   

All the rest looks good as I can see, but I think forty and 160 would 
cause problems as written.

> 160m    No worldwide suggestion. See notes.
        (non-160 frequencies snipped)
> Remember, these suggestions DO NOT APPLY during contests. Send any
> suggestions via the Reflector so others may comment on them.
> My thanks to the panel of experts and their collective 500 years of
> experience!
> 73,
> Murray ZL1BPU
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> MFSK Operating Frequencies
> ==========================
> Copyright (C) 2001 M. Greenman
> Use only frequencies permitted under the terms of your licence
> and the rules of your licencing and regulating authority. Then
> use the IARU Recommendations for your Region. These are listed
> below, with suggestions based on current practice listed
> alongside. Be aware that both the Recommendations and the
> suggestions will change from time to time to reflect current use. The
> suggestions DO NOT APPLY during contests. See note [7].
> Suggestions are NOT given where there are regional differences.
> Suggestions are not intended to be exclusive to MFSK. Of course other
> digital modes will continue to use the same frequencies. See the notes
> below. All frequencies are in kHz.
> Amateur   IARU          IARU          IARU          MFSK16
> Band      Region 1    Region 2      Region 3      Suggestion
> ======================================================================
> 160m[1]   1838-1840     1830-1840     1830-1834 
     (non 160 frequencies snipped)

> [1] 160m operation is very regional. Avoid the Region 2 DX CW Window
>     1830-1840 kHz and other DX. In Region 2 use 1815-1830 for
>     preference. In Region 3 avoid 1816-1819 kHz (positioning systems).

> If an individual or group is not satisfied with the IARU bandplans as
> they are, and has a suggestion for improvement, they should submit it,
> with as much documentation as possible, to their IARU Member Society.
> The suggestions have been commended by eminent experienced digital
> mode operators in all three regions. If you are not satisfied with the
> above suggestions, which are by their very nature a compromise, and
> you have an idea for their improvement, then send the idea with
> adequate reasoning to the author at .
> The suggestions make no recognition of Novice operating frequencies in
> the various countries where these occur. Opportunities to work and
> encourage Novice operators are always a good idea.

73, Tom W8JI

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