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Topband: YK9A

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Subject: Topband: YK9A
From: (George Taft)
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 09:13:24 -0500
Spoke to Bob, W4DR at some length this AM on HF SSB at YK9A. Bob has
been the major top band op and carried the top band antenna to YK.  They
have experienced some problems using the "Battle Creek Special" and
apologize for the weaker sigs on top band past two nites (using another
antenna - not sure what config)

They will be working on the BCS today - hopefully to find it's something
simple to repair in the field.  We gave them other suggestions in case a
trap was involved.

Bob mentioned they have made some 950 Qs on top band - abt 900 the first
three days with the BCS.

He also mentioned a couple of major power outages in the past two days -
a rolling type blackout experienced there (similar to CA, I would
guess).  Guess that would probably account for the lack of activity two
nites ago?

But they hope to get rolling again tonite - as they have only two nites
to go.

Good luck to them and to you that haven't yet worked them on THE band.

73  George  W8UVZ

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