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Topband: Carolina Windom 160

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Subject: Topband: Carolina Windom 160
From: (Graham Mercer GM4BES)
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 18:48:27 -0000
Reflectees ...

Tomorrow, the 125ft tower which supports my sloping doublet will be
dismantled! This is real BAD news for my 160m activities.

I seem to be left with few options for a multiband wire antenna in this
exposed location. Over the last few days, I've been fishing on the internet
to try and get as much information as possible on alternative antennas, and
can only see the Radio Works Carolina Windom 160 as a possible multiband
wire antenna.

Do any of you guys out there have any experience of this antenna please??
Any information on its performance on 160m would be much appreciated,
bearing in mind that the maximum height  I could erect it in an inverted-v
configuration would be about  40 feet. I realise that this will not be much
good at all on 160m, but I'm desperate to put out some kind of signal on THE

If anyboday has actually seen one of these ants, can you please tell me if
they are built of quality components .. e.g stainless steel eyebolts on the
DMU, thickness of wire etc.

I live in a cliff-top situation, which is VERY exposed, with winter storms
in excess of 130mph at times, so the antenna would need to be of sturdy

I would be most grateful for any information on this antenna, posted to my
e-mail address

Failing this, I think it will be farewell to you all on the T/Band
reflector, it was good to meet up with you all on the BEST band, and may be
forced back up in frequency for the remainder of my days!

73 to you all

Graham / GM4BES +

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