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Topband: Re: Carolina Windom - TKS!

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Subject: Topband: Re: Carolina Windom - TKS!
From: (Graham Mercer GM4BES)
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 23:28:44 -0000

Many thanks to all for their valued comments on my enquiry about the above
antenna and for alternative suggestions regarding my predicament!

Special thanks to:

John : G3PQA  Walt : AJ6T  Howard : N2MM  Jim : NM1W  Tom : W1TO  Doug :
Bob : N6WG  Tom : K1KY  Paul : N3GPU  Floyd : K8AC  Mel : KJ9C  Ted : N4XX
Fraser : G4BJM
Mark : ON4WW  Gus : A92ZE  Jo : YC0LOW  Al : K7CA  Jack : K4IBP  Rob : W4RJK
: Steve VK6VZ

The location of the (now dismantled) 125 ft tower was ideal, in that, it
enabled me to erect a 260ft sloping doublet, even though I have pretty
limited space on my own property. The bearing and distance from my property
was such, that, the O/W feeders  slipped down neatly between my property and
my neighbour's lot. This antenna gave me pretty good results on all bands.

Unfortunately, my neighbours fall into the "anti-antenna category" .. so I
will struggle to erect an effective antenna in its place ( My old ant. was
up in the air before these neighbours moved here, and are all deliriously
happy now that the tower is down!) ... So again, whatever I will be able to
hook into the ether will be a compromise, in order to cover all HF bands at
minimal cost, but WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Thanks again, the ol' T/BAND Reflector is a VALUABLE source of
expertise,information and - just plain friendship ...

Good DX, health and happiness to you all.

Graham / GM4BES

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