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Topband: Murphy and YK9A

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Subject: Topband: Murphy and YK9A
From: (Steve Ireland)
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 15:14:40 +0800

Very poor conditions into europe/middle east/north africa on the topband
during the period of the YK9A operation.  I missed the first few of days
owing to very early starts/late finishes at work, but was listening every
day after that.  

Although relatively few signals were heard from Europe during this period
and despite their antenna problems, YK9A was audible on three separate
occasions, but only for between one and four minutes.  Signals were best on
10/02/01 when YK9A peaked RST549 at sunrise, but could not get through the

The day after the expedition closed down, signals from the aforesaid areas
in the hour before sunrise were the best for about a month, with even Eus
with modest antennas peaking S7/8...

Thanks to the YK9A gang for the 160m activity, but Murphy has been having a
field day.

Vy 73,

Steve, VK6VZ


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