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Topband: Preamp and xfmr info

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Subject: Topband: Preamp and xfmr info
From: (Larry Molitor)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 04:58:51 +0000
After getting a number of requests for additional information on the high 
performance preamp circuit and matching transformer mentioned on my 
"Rotatable Flag" web page, I finally got around to including that info on 
the page.

The preamp schematic has been re-drawn with the latest component values. 
P1dB and IP3 data is also included. Dratted IP3 test is hard to do 
properly! (at home anyway). Photos of the transformer winding are there as 

You can get to it from my web page at:

or perhaps more directly at:

If anyone tries the preamp, I'd like to hear how it worked out for you.


Larry - W7IUV

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