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Topband: SSB Contest CW Subband

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Subject: Topband: SSB Contest CW Subband
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 12:07:43 -0000
Hi all

I wonder if the guys who are so observant of the so-called bandplan would
to it if a very rare station came on frequency [ cw or ssb, your choice ]
during a contest
[ or not, your choice ] and was obviously out of the subband for their mode.
If this was a rare
station [ and the last day of a dxpedition and you finally have
propagation ] I wonder
if ethics would prevent a QSO ?? Would people say " well this is the first
time there has been a dxpedition to
" Rare DX " Island in 20 years and the only time I have had propagation
since they arrived BUT since they are out of their subband I think I will
wait until the next dxpedition to work " Rare DX "  Island ".

I don't think so...

My point is, like the CQWW DX CW / SSB contests, these are exceedingly rare
events out of 365
mornings and evenings that you can be on Topband, and after being a
Topbander for 3 years now I believe
the majority of people I have heard in the 160m contests are also avid 160m
DXer's. Enough said.

P.S. In Canada I can operate ANY mode ANY where on ANY band legally, but I
chose to adhere to the
" Gentleman's Agreement " for bandplanning - 363 days a year.

73 de Brian VY2MGY/3 / VE3SQZ
160m Contester and DXer

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