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Topband: 5B4-USA LP 16/12/01

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Subject: Topband: 5B4-USA LP 16/12/01
From: (Ivo PEZER, 5B4ADA)
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 17:52:33 +0200
Bob, N7UA was 25 over on 80 phone and out of curiosity I asked him to try
160 around 1510GMT. When he called I couldn't believe, he was 5 db over 9,
and gave me 589, just incredible.
I did not have my recording devices ready, but did record his signal after
our QSO.
It was too late for CA stations, but I will try tomorrow earlier, with my
second radio (the first one's attenuator got blown in the heat of the CQWW

73 Ivo 5B4ADA

I=218, A=11; K=3 R=198

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