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Topband: Going from 48 to 60 radials- Meas. Results

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Subject: Topband: Going from 48 to 60 radials- Meas. Results
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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 19:07:44 -0500
Hello to all,
           I finally found the time to add the final set of radials to the 
1/4wl tower vertical(122ft). I recorded the SWR changes after adding radials in 
groups of four. Here is what I was seeing(see below) on the swr meter of my 
FT1000MP. My original post showed up to 46 radials. I added two in the interim 
until today's additional 12 and recorded the swr measurements after adding an 
additional 4 at a time. A sidenote-
When I originally had only 12 radials I kept the radial connection point at the 
base of the tower "ungrounded". When I grounded the radial connection point the 
center frequency increased 6 KCs. When I repeated this test at 48 radials the 
center frequency increased 1 Kc.
Now that I am at 60 radials the center frequency does not increase at all when 
the radial connection point is grounded. I also noticed that the 1.2:1 points 
have also gotten wider as I added more radials even though the full 1.5:1 
bandwidth has decreased. I think I have finally achieved ground radial 
"Nirvana". As the famous boxer Roberto Duran said; "No Mas". Too much trouble 
to add anymore radials and I don't think I'd get much more in the results 
department. What does this all prove? It proves that all you guys who told me 
that 60 radials was the minumum needed were right on target. Sure, I could have 
just believed everyone and went right to 60 radials and not taken measurements 
but if Christopher Columbus would not have had his doubts and had just gone 
along with the consensus about the world being flat I might still be tending my 
flock of sheep on some hillside in Spain. 
           The antenna seems to be working quite well based upon some of the 
reports I have been getting from the DX on 160. It helps that I have also 
improved my receive situation quite a bit too!  See you all in the pileups  73, 
Ken, N4UK

# of radials  1.5:1 points    Center freq.   Increase  Bandwidth
30              1778-1849         1813.5                   71khz
34              1784-1854         1819        5.5          70khz
38              1790-1857         1823.5      4.5          67khz
42              1791-1858         1824.5      1            67khz
46              1794-1860         1827        2.5          66khz
48              1795.5-1860       1828        1            64.5khz
52              1797.5-1860       1828.5      .5          62.5khz
56              1798.5-1860.5     1829.5      1           62 khz
60              1799.5-1861       1830       .5         61.5khz       

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